Looking Ahead: The Future of Grain Processing

The nutritional benefit of grain can only partially be realized without proper processing – this is true for grain grown for human consumption or animal consumption. The starchy components of that kernel are tightly enclosed in the shell until grinding, heat, pressure or all three are applied. Corn is rolled and flaked. Wheat is ground […]

The Benefits of Quality Grain Handling and Storage Equipment for Your Business

If you’re starting up a grain farm or just trying to be more efficient it’s easy to get lost in the planning. One area that needs your foremost attention is your handling and storage system. All grain farms need specialized equipment to succeed. That’s true even for small farms. For a better chance at turning a […]

A Handy Guide to Choosing the Right Grain Drying Methods for You

As a farmer, you know the importance of proper grain storage. Before you can safely store your grain, it needs to be at the proper moisture. Maybe you already have a grain dryer or have been considering an upgrade to a newer or larger dryer. Whatever your circumstances, you want to be sure your hard-earned money […]

5 Key Grain Storage Bin Maintenance Tips

Is your grain storage bin in top condition? Steel bins are known for their longevity and durability, but this does not come without proper maintenance. They are thin-shell structures, which leaves them at risk to losing their shape and integrity if not properly loaded or cleaned. These bins can hold many thousands of pounds of […]

How to Set up an Efficient Corn Drying System

For grain storage facilities, processing plants, and farmers the challenge of setting up a system for efficient corn drying can be a big one. There are a number of factors that go into creating an effective and efficient system. Most important to your drying process set up is proactively establishing a plan. If you following […]

How Grain Storage Can Grow Your Agriculture Business

Are you looking for a way to maximize your profits in the agricultural industry? Grain storage might be the answer! It provides an effective way to save farmers money, time and energy. You may not realize how much the type of grain storage that you are using could be impacting your agriculture business. We’ve researched […]

3 Practical Calf Feed Tips for Cattle Farms

Whether your cattle farm is new or seasoned, reviewing calf feed best practices can ensure that your calves grow up healthy and productive.  Keeping calves happy is about finding a balance. That balance must exist between providing a nutritious diet, preventing contamination and illness, and getting a return on your investment. To help you raise […]

Do You Need Automated Grain Handling Equipment?

Many industries have been changed by automation. From driving a car to shopping at the grocery store, automated equipment is now a part of everyday life. Does automation have a place in the farming industry? Automated grain handling equipment can make a big difference in the way a farm operates. Even if you have a small or […]