3 Ways to Reduce Your Grain Loading Time

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in the United States. The country’s efficient farming sector has made the US the world’s largest exporter of food.  The crops grown in the United States are also used at home. For instance, livestock in the United States consume 5.9 billion bushels of grain every year. This is good news […]

What Farmers Need to Know About Proper Grain Storage

grain storage

Every bit of grain counts. Keeping your grain dry and fresh through proper storage should be a high priority, no matter where you farm. It’s important to understand the science and care involved in effective grain storage. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about storing your grain properly. Take a look and start implementing these key […]

5 Best Practices That Significantly Improve Storage Success in Grain Storage Bins

5 Tips for Using Grain Storage Bins Have you ever thought about how to use grain storage bins long term? Here are our best tips on storing grains and maintaining proper moisture levels. Grain storage bins are the solution for long term grain storage. But to achieve success, it’s important to understand best practices for prepping, […]